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A fun game crippled by a flawed gimmick

This is probably one of the most fun bullet hell shooters I've seen on a flash in a long time. The levels were generally interesting, the power up system was a creative, and the controls were simple and efficient.

Everything seemed pretty good until about 3/4th of the way into the game. The graze feature was definitely something I had tried aiming for throughout the entire game, since it gave the player an option to be rewarded for more challenging ways to play the game. That is, until a certain boss fight in the first level where you are given no more power ups. He shoots out a series of 3 lines of bullets extremely close together. It was at this point I could usually run right through two lines and camp lives until the boss had finally died, essentially breaking the game.

It's too bad, because the climax of the final level (which also included that same boss) ruined the suspense and tension leading up to it.

If you ever release an expansion to this series, I would recommend instead of getting new lives, change it to a feature that boosts up your "bomb" weapon.

Well done sir.


I loved the control scheme in this game, very interesting and unique. There are a few flaws in this game however that hold it back from being perfect (or close to it).

Because the control scheme does have a bit of a curve, the level difficulties jump very awkwardly. The first half of the game is easy to moderate difficulty, but the second half really becomes quite demanding, making very concise and awkward jumps just to complete the level.

My second gripe is on easy difficulty, your character will be pushed back against walls which will in some cases will hit your enemy to fall back and hit a nearby enemy.

My third complaint is hard difficulty (which I played after easy). I had already gotten used to the controls, so it wasn't much of a problem until the last 5 or so levels, where even knicking the walls seems unavoidable without ridiculous timing.

My suggestion, I would make the response time for when your character moves and when he jumps a bit delayed, so it seems possible to jump straight up without moving forward. I died many times because I came too close to a wall or pinwheel and it was impossible to not hit it.

Overall, I think you have a solid idea, but I would suggest working on your level design to make it challenging, but not to the point of frustration where you will die in a single section repeatedly.

Nice work sir.

Skellus responds:

Thank you kindly *bows*. I am glad some people actually enjoy the game I intended it to be enjoyed.
Maybe I should, I don't know. I am pretty hardcore player and the game is plain easy for me, be it first or last levels on either difficulty so that is difficult for me the decide. Anyway, thanks again for comments!

Fun Game, however

Unless my browser is messed up (I'm using Firefox), my guy is unable to jump on command, it almost seems random when I hit the up key, and that pretty much ruins the game because it's uncontrollable.

Awesome game

Now that I can beat it almost every time I play now, I kind of wish there was a harder mode for even the most hardcore player. Alot of fun overall, love it. I thoroughly enjoy that you can't just run in head on like a tank like in most beat em up' games, and instead have to focus on movements and playing strategically.

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