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Oh the irony

I saw this first before SF Club and when the guys were brainstorming ideas I thought you made that up.

It's really quite amazing, really.


Don't get me wrong, this latest submission by Egoraptor and friends is awesome, you guys put a ton of effort into the parody.

But! I couldn't help but feel the jokes that were funny from the last episode got old in this episode, and some of the re-occuring gags like "poor voice acting" and "over-the-top stutters" were really forced and to be honest got a tad annoying by the end of the flash. And because of this, the flash as a whole really started to drag towards the end.

In my opinion, I think this episode lasted way longer than it needed to be, especially when the re-occuring gags kept appearing over and over and over.

Once Again.

Like your other flashes, they harbor very little intellectual humor that even has a hint of witty relevance. I understand peak of your content is the shocking random comedy, however I feel like these flashes are similar to another overrated animation comedy, family guy.

In short, these are a bunch "manatee" jokes that could be written by a middle school writer.


just a fun thrill ride the entire time

by any chance though, would anyone know the 80's song played in the first half of the flash?


Animation and voices were great, I watched the previous episode and thoroughly enjoyed it as well.

Intro got off a little bit slow, but the second half really pulled through, especially that tid bit of Tom Fulp at the end. Although I felt you could have done so much more with that Pico Flash. Anyways, very nice stuff, keep up the good work man.

I'm sensing a pattern.

As with your other recent flash, the animation and voice was good for a cartoon flash like this.

However, I can't help but stress that the comedy doesn't seem to be well thought out in some sort of witty or at least shockingly random slapstick humor. I'm not going to preach what's funny and what's not, however I think you should put a little more effort into your punchlines.


Animation and voice was solid for a cartoon, but I can't help but feel that the slapstick comedy was poorly executed.


Favorited, I specifically like how you tried to create an image with the actual sounds being played.


This was extremely funny and well done

I'm all in for tits and ass, just not on the pokemon next time, god damn.

Very Nice

As a whole, this is one of the best flash animation series I've ever seen.

However, I can't help but feel the ending was a tad generic and predictable. I liked that there was a happy ending, but I feel the tension between two different cultures (or species) wasn't emphasized enough. He loved her despite the taboos of a cat and bunny being together, and I think it was kind of rushed.

However, I understand that this can only fit into a 3-4 minute animation, provided in flash as well, so I guess I can't complain. Otherwise, this whole series from start to finish is sublime.

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