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The future

2010-06-14 22:07:02 by KgZ

Off to Berklee College of Music this fall. Finally, all the hard work and sacrifices I've had to make to get this far are starting to pay off. But I can't celebrate just yet, this is where the real test begins. What the fuck am I thinking? I'm going into one of the worst industries in the world hoping for a chance to make it. But that's the exciting part for me, because becoming successful will make that accomplishment so much more satisfying and significant.

And hey, if all else fails I can tell my children a pretty sweet story someday.


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2010-06-16 16:36:11

That's the spirit :D Good luck.


2010-07-27 16:52:38

Yeah, with people prefering not to pay for music(me being one of those people :P), it's going to be rather challenging making money off music. But I can see your stuff going some DAMN good places. Maybe get into making music for video games too.


2010-08-15 17:37:19

good luck


2010-08-20 03:07:43

You have some massive talent!! You can't let money stop what you do best!!!


2011-03-15 18:53:45

Wish you luck. Even if you'll fail, im sure, Capcom's doors are always open for you. ^_^


2011-06-23 23:33:11

I wish you the best in your endeavors. I would have gone to college for Music, but I like computers too much.


2012-09-26 02:29:12

Got family that went to Berkley and know many who have "made it". Work hard and you'll get there.