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Videogame music

2010-03-30 21:41:01 by KgZ

Howdy NG.

More and more as I've been browsing the internet, I've been searching for artists who compose Videogame music, similar to what I do- but alas I don't find much luck. Many songs on newgrounds that are in flash games or movies are originals that just happen to fit into it nicely, but I cant imagine many of those songs made solely for a videogame (or at least when I did my research).

I've been kind of disgruntled anyway, because when I peruse though the videogame genre I'd say about 90% of the songs that I find are remixes. And out of the 10% that's original content, It's a real hit/miss about its quality.

I dunno, I'm bummed because I can't seem to find quality VGM artists, nor can I find a VGM artist community. Maybe I'll start a website of my own someday. KgroundZ? Maybe.


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2010-04-08 23:35:53

Hmm. I can't say I know of many myself, but ThatComposerGuy's scores for the "Reincarnation" game series come to mind. /493215